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Less Water :: Less nutrients :: More green


Growpito Technologies is dedicated to providing reusable horticultural hydroponic mediums that save water, nutrients and allows the hydroponic horticulturist to expect maximized yields and complete nutrient control. Growpito's refined mediums and systems are designed to give farmers, whether small or large, confidence and complete repeatability with a reduced ecological footprint. 


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Perpetual equals repeatedly reusable,  no environmental waste

  • Less water equals little to no water waste, water once every three days. Growpito uses up to 30 times less water than recirculating deep water culture systems.
  • Less nutrients. With flood and drain less water is required, so you use less nutrients.  
  • More green means saving money, time, water, nutrients and the environment with maximized yields! 
  • Gets better with every use. No disinfecting necessary, just fluff and replant.
  • Lightweight. 


Growpito - the perpetual grow medium for today...and tomorrow

Growpito's Sim Mix Stone Wool

Growpito Stone wool MIX

Our proprietary stone wool based mix offers advantages for the grow medium life. Innovation and sustainability for rapid growth and maximum water saving. No spent medium to replace.

  • Complete control of pH and EC
  • Complete nutrient control 
  • Promotes colonization of beneficial bacteria and trichoderma



Growpito Tomato Lifecycle

MAXimum growth

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Maximum Yield Indoor Gardening Expo in San Francisco, California, July 23-24, 2016

Maximum Yield Indoor Gardening Expo in Vancouver, BC, August 13-14, 2016