Growpito Sim Mix - The Perpetual Grow Medium

As a perpetual grow medium, whatever you’re growing, wherever you’re growing it, Growpito Sim Mix makes a difference - in plant growth, yield and environment - at a cost that diminishes every growing cycle because the medium has repeatable usability. Growpito’s formulas and systems use up to 73% less water than other systems, to offer an enormous savings. In challenging environments, Growpito growing media users are no longer limited by soil conditions or physical space. 

Growpito Sim Mix's truly unique bio-foam encourages biological colonization, keeps the stone wool aerated and encourages plant root growth. Paired with a flood and drain system, Growpito Sim Mix reduces water usage while maximizing yields, creating an unrivaled value. This formula facilitates both efficient and effective plant growth, creating a sustainable model for cultivation that is leading the world in horticulture innovation.

Growpito’s refined growing media and systems are designed to be a good value, so whether used in outdoor applications or indoors, Growpito is revolutionizing the way plants are grown. At Growpito Technologies LLC, we’re problem solvers with a vision. A vision of sustainable plant growth no longer limited by soil conditions or physical space, in which each and every community can succeed in their growing endeavors. We’re partnering with people everywhere to share our knowledge - growing confidence and reducing ecological footprints in every community we encounter. Growpito - the perpetual grow media for today...and tomorrow. 

The Vision Behind Growpito

David Polivka is a founder of Growpito Technologies LLC  and the inventor of Growpito products. David has thirty plus years of cultivating a wide variety of plants, indoor and outdoor, and extensive experience in flood and drain systems. His knowledge and drive to contribute to sustainable horticulture led to the five years of development that delivered Growpito’s products to market. It is this vision and dedication to environmental stewardship that ensures the company's mission and dedication to offering the highest quality hydroponic grow mediums.